Nursing care plan for impaired social interaction

Nursing care plan for impaired social interaction


Nursing care plan for impaired social interaction is a structured approach to identify, define and assess a patient’s health which helps in building nursing interventions. It helps in providing better patient-centered care according to their needs. The main components of the nursing care plan are:


Explanation: Nursing assessment includes observation and review of a patient’s medical history, physical examination and assessment of their status. This component also includes assessing a patient’s cognitive and psychosocial functioning, current health symptoms and activity tolerances as well as current medications, treatments and lifestyle habits.

Nursing Diagnosis

Explanation: A nursing diagnosis helps in differentiating between a disorder and a non-disorder symptom and identifies interventions that will prevent and address any potential complications or risks. It should focus on the patient’s strengths, resources and health description and should not be confused with a medical diagnosis.


Explanation: After completing the nursing assessment and setting appropriate goals, the nurse should focus on developing outcomes which should be easily measurable, achievable and time-bound, and should be realistic. These outcomes should match the identified patient needs and help in achieving the desired physical and mental health status.


Explanation: The nurse should set specific interventions that are evidence-based, or that incorporate knowledge and best practices. These interventions should be applicable and appropriate for the situation, with safety being the top priority. The interventions should involve not only the patient but also the health care staff and other involved parties.


Explanation: Rationale provides evidence to explain why a certain intervention was chosen and how it will improve the patient’s condition. This also helps in identifying potential risks and side effects that may occur when the intervention is implemented.


Explanation: Evaluation is an ongoing process that occurs throughout the length of the patient care plan. It allows the nurse to see and measure the progress the patient has made towards achieving the established goals and identify any changes that need to be made in the current care plan.


Nursing care plan for impaired social interaction is a comprehensive patient care plan that can help improve the quality of care provided to patients. By effectively assessing the patient’s health and setting tailored interventions, the nurse can ensure that the care is practical, effective, and appropriate to the individual’s needs.


  • What is the purpose of a nursing care plan?
    The main purpose of a nursing care plan is to provide individualized, patient-centered care. It helps in assessing each patient’s unique health needs and making sure the specific interventions used are tailored for these needs.
  • How does a nursing care plan improve quality of care?
    A nursing care plan helps in providing evidence-based interventions that are tailored to the patient’s medical condition and health needs. This ensures that the care provided is practical, effective, and focused on the individual’s health goals.
  • What is the assessment component of a nursing care plan?
    The assessment component of a nursing care plan involves observation and review of the patient’s current health and functioning. This includes getting a detailed medical history, doing physical examinations, assessing cognitive and psychosocial functioning, and current lifestyle habits.
  • What is the evaluation component of a nursing care plan?
    The evaluation component of a nursing care plan helps to monitor the patient’s progress towards achieving their health goals. This involves assessment of the nursing interventions used, the patient’s response towards these interventions, the patient’s compliance with treatment, and effectiveness of the care provided over time.
  • What are the components of a nursing care plan for impaired social interaction?
    The components of a nursing care plan for impaired social interaction include assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcomes, interventions, rationales and evaluation.

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